We know your active lifestyle. Whether grinding through training sessions at the GYM, or Leading the charge in the Boardroom, RYKE’s CBD based skin products will keep you handsome and on point.

Rykes CBD based products are the secret weapon in the war against aging.

As men, we lead lives of passion, drive, and embark on exhausting pursuits of whatever we value. Along that journey, age, stress and the elements try to bring us to our knees. These forces will never give up and will never relent. But RYKE’s CBD infused skin care products and are always up to keep you handsome. 

The RYKE mission has, is, and will always be to improve your legacy. Repair your skin, recover your drive, sooth your mind and defy time. Be part of the growing community of gentlemen (and woman) who have found our edge in defying the ravages of age. We are the fastest growing CBD skin care brand on the market today.

Who We Are

RYKE was founded by two friends in Long Beach, California. Every day we build our business into something better than it was a day prior. Every day we train and compete with some of the best grapplers in the world.

Work hard and play hard is the default mode of the founders of RYKE and the great city we call home. As we’ve pursued our goals, we soon realized that there were others out there just like us. Men who grind, day in and day out, for a better future. No obstacle is too high, no challenge too great. Facing adversity by design, our goal is to hone ourselves and our products. We are fighters, we are fathers, we are mentors, we are friends.

One thing we’ve realized along the way is that we sometimes need a little help ourselves. And time is a beast. When you look good, you feel good, and that confidence transfers to every other facet of life. We figured out a long time ago that the best investment we can ever make is in ourselves. You have too, which is why you’re here reading this. What better way to invest in one’s self than to fight off the villain of aging in its various forms. With our cutting edge lineup of age defying products, you’ll quickly see that return on investment. Join a true Long Beach original.

Ryke Team
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